With the average phone user spending 4 hours a day on their phone, could your phone be holding you back from living a more fulfilled life?

If you’re ready to use your phone less and live a more fulfilled and present life, then this course is for you!!

This course isn’t about never using your phone again.  They’re amazing tools after all!! 

It’s about reducing your use, and getting more time back for you and the people who matter in your life.


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Both a video and eBook version of the course

Understand the impact your phone use is having

And how reducing your phone use could help you live a more fulfilled life

Practical steps to reduce your phone use


Sam has been delivering social media training to businesses for over 12 years.  With a Masters in Business Psychology, Sam has always had a passion for improving workplace productivity and employee wellbeing.

Sam found her own phone use increase dramatically during the pandemic, to the point where her children were asking her to stop looking at her phone.

So she did!

Sam is passionate about helping others reduce their phone use to give them more time back in their life to do more fulfilling activities.




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Praise for Sam’s recent “No Mo Programme” to help reduce phone use…

“I felt that the course was incredibly well put together so that you could action some things easily in your daily routine. I’m already shouting about this course to many of my own wellbeing clients! I’d highly recommend to work with Sam.”

Sara Kay

“I’ve made a number of changes to how I use my mobile and I’m pleased to see that my phone usage has declined since I took this course and I have more focus for the things that add value. I’d recommend it for all of us – I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t like to use their phone less in a world full of distraction.”

Jacqueline Heron

“Sam’s No Mo Programme was very effective in highlighting ways to very simply cut down time lost due to mobile phone usage. I have at least halved the amount of time lost to scrolling, and use social media in a far more selective and focused way now.”

Jenny Carter

 Are you ready to reduce your phone use, free up more time and live a more fulfilling life?

Buy the Reduce Your Phone Use short course (including both video and eBook) for only $9!

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